A Big Splash; Now Fish add off season input to WWPL

Snohomish County Football Club

2019-wwpl-champions-starSMOKEY POINT, WA— The Snohomish County FC Steelheadsmade a big splash by winning  the Western Washington Premier League in 2019. Now they are working with other league clubs during the off season to make 2020 the best it can be.

“Last year at this time we were just accepted into the league,” remembers Steelheads General Manager David Falk. “This year we are full members, coming off of a highly competitive debut season.” It’s a big difference for the Steelheads, who are active participants in discussions and league decision-making this go-round. “We know our fellow club operators better now and we are enjoying being able to have input and vote on league matters,” Falk says.

League News

The Steelheads were represented by Falk at the recent WWPL meetings in Gig Harbor. Out of those discussions came a series of league announcements. In 2020 the WWPL will consist of a…

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