David Enow’s soccer journey leads him from Cameroon to Shoreline College


by David Falk

SHORELINE, WA— David Enow is on a mission to make it as a professional soccer player. That journey has taken him from Cameroon all the way to Shoreline Community College just north of Seattle. In his first season competing in the NWAC Enow has 8 goals (1 of those a match winner) and an assist for the Dolphins so far.

#17 David Enow in action for Shoreline Dolphins. (Wilson Tsoi / SCC photo)

Enow’s back story includes coming over to the US at age 17 and working with Justin Forzano at Open Field, an organization with honorable goals in Cameroon and Pittsburgh, USA.

“David is motivated, disciplined, and focused so when he sets a goal he stops at nothing to achieve it,” Forzano says. “I have assisted along the way where I could. He stays with me during summers and some of our friends, supporters and board members have supported him along the way to cover tuition and housing, things like that. This summer he helped me run a program for youth in Pittsburgh very similar to the one he was a part of years ago in Cameroon.”

#17 David Enow in action for Shoreline Dolphins. (Wilson Tsoi / SCC photo)

Cameroon is a place where many dream of a soccer career. “Everyone wants to do it,” Enow says of his home country, “soccer is life for the kids.” This was true also for him, growing up with a father who played semi-pro in Cameroon and a family where everyone seemed to always have a ball at their feet. “I was playing by the time I was 4 or 5,” David remembers. “The sport can not be separated from my life.”

A stay at a junior college in Iowa last year did not produce the playing time Enow was hoping for, so he headed out west. “I wanted to be able to improve and show what I can offer,” David says of his arrival in the USA. “I wasn’t getting that chance in Iowa, so I looked into the west coast, where soccer is loved and played everywhere.” Enow eventually connected with Shoreline Head Coach Joseph Ademofe and now soccer-friendly Seattle has become David’s base of operations to bigger things. He shares a house with 7 other people and has made friends since he arrived.

On the pitch Enow is getting the playing time he hoped for, starting in 10 matches and making his presence known. He knows the level of play in the NWAC isn’t the highest in the college scene, but he’s willing to work his way up. “Personally for me the season is going well. For our team we would like to win more matches, but we continue to work hard.” Enow looks around him and says he sees all kinds of players at the community college level. “There are always good players,” he says, “it is just a matter of effort, desire and commitment for those who really want it.”

David does indeed want it, and he is attending college, taking classes and playing soccer while at the same time directing his future. “I have reached out to local 4-year schools such as UW, Seattle Pacific and Seattle University,” he states. He hopes they will follow up with him. Meanwhile he’s considering playing over the spring and summer of 2020 for a club in one of Washington’s growing regional adult leagues.

Getting stronger. Enow works to keep the ball. (Wilson Tsoi / SCC photo)

In America David has grown into a man’s body and adjusted his physical stature to suit the needs of harder competition. He’s stronger, more muscled, but remains speedy. He’s now 20 years old and stands 5 feet 10 inches tall. “I watch the highest level and don’t want to be a player who easily gives up the ball,” he explains. “Playing a target forward, I have needed to be stronger not to be booted off the ball. So I have worked on strength and am much stronger now.”

Enow is looking at a future career in International Business. That’s a plan he is willing to build alongside his soccer playing goals. But make no mistake, he still has the dream  of playing at the highest level possible. He must try, he must work his way all the way towards that goal. It has become a part of his personality, chapters he is writing in his life story.

“This is not the easiest journey from Cameroon to America to play soccer,” Enow admits. “Sometimes I must look back and remind myself just how far I have already come. That get’s me excited once again for my future.”

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